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Tribute to Hon. Aloisea Inyumba – Minister of Gender and Family Promotion

Rwandans have learnt with deep shock and sadness the passing of Aloisea Inyumba, Minister of Gender and Family Promotion. Minister Inyumba will be remembered as a tireless and dedicated public servant and a devoted cadre of the Rwandese Patriotic Front.

Minister Inyumba personified "Agaciro". She possessed a passion and pride for her country that burned brightly even in the darkest of times; behind her quiet strength lay fortitude both of character and action. First through the liberation struggle and then nation building, she was present and fully engaged at every stage of Rwanda’s journey over the last 18 years.

During the liberation struggle, Aloisea Inyumba served as Commissioner for Finance, a role she performed with utmost commitment, clarity of purpose and diligence. Her sense of sacrifice as she mobilised resources for the struggle was nothing short of legendary. She is renowned for her political astuteness and her ability to articulate the RPF ideology. She always sought workable solutions while retaining her non– conformist nature.

Aloisea Inyumba displayed tremendous empathy and was always concerned about the plight of the most marginalised in our society, particularly women and children. These qualities served her well as the first post-genocide Minister of Gender and Social Affairs and part of the team that took on the task of solving the immediate consequences of the genocide, including organising the adoption of the large number of orphans and resolving family and property issues.

Minister Inyumba’s role and positive experience in the liberation struggle taught her that empowering women was not about mere activism but active participation and the willingness to lead in pursuit of a common vision. Beyond her work in government and the RPF, Minister Inyumba was a mentor to numerous young people. Her humility made her approachable to Rwandans of all walks of life; she inspired and paved the way for many who would come after her.

In all her duties and capacities, Minister Inyumba worked with an exemplary sense of dedication to the service of Rwanda, its people, and the Rwandan Patriotic Front.

At this moment of great sorrow, our heartfelt condolences go out to her family and hope that they will find solace and strength in the knowledge that she was an extraordinary Rwandan and African.

Aloisea Inyumba will be forever remembered and honoured as a genuine and compelling voice for our country.